Noble Phoenix

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A young man with an exceptional mind vs. a powerful grand master. Assassinations, neo-Nazis, Muslim extremists, dirty bombs and nuclear weapons – plus stem cells, drones, hi-tech surveillance and bomb-sniffing bees.

Viktor Prazsky nearly loses his life at an early age during a violent demonstration in Prague, Czech Republic. An experimental medical procedure saves his life and leaves him with a powerful mental ability.

Squaring off against Viktor is the grand master of a well-funded organization, who has unleashed assassins and terrorists across Europe. The confrontation becomes personal, threatening Viktor, his family and the love of his life. Can Viktor save the world from Armageddon?

The action takes place in exotic locations throughout Europe, the Middle East and northern Africa, all highlighted on maps included in the book.

Reviews on Amazon include:

Brilliant first novel. Pryor masterfully weaves current world terrorist events and fictional characters together to create a spellbinding action packed story. It’s obvious too that he knows the setting intimately as the descriptions are detailed and accurate.I couldn’t put it down. Now I can hardly wait to see what he comes up with next. I hope there will be a next.

The action never stops. A powerful grand master directs assassins and terrorists to strike cities throughout Europe and the Middle East. After a young man from Prague is nearly killed in a violent riot, he acquires an unusual ability, which he uses in a desperate effort to stop the carnage. When the grand master decides to stop him, the fight becomes personal and deadly.

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  1. Noble Phoenix was an absolute great read that kept me up to the wee hours of the night! It was a great mix of love, action, and intrigue. The plot was quite elaborate with twists and turns galore that keeps you turning page after page! I can’t wait to get my book signed by Mark, and look forward to his next story.


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