Book Cover Contest

Central Florida writers showcase their covers in The Villages, Florida. Voting is open to the public Jan 17-24 in the Savannah Center. Winners will be announced at the Eisenhower Recreation […]

Cyberian Affair - Coming out in late 2018

A powerful Russian billionaire unleashes violence against a small team of hackers that dared to challenge him. Two young computer experts must eliminate the threat. They discover the Russians have […]

Lake & Sumter Style Magazine featured me in December’s “Meet a Villager” section. I talk about Noble Phoenix and the book I am currently writing, Cyberian Affair. The photo was […]

Ale vs. Lager

What’s the difference between an ale and a lager? To a brewer, it’s all in the yeast. But most beer drinkers choose their beer for the taste. Read on to […]

Thanksgiving T-Rex

Will your Thanksgiving table feature a modern relative of Tyrannosaurus Rex? The answer may surprise you. Birds are dinosaurs: Lumen Learning shows the modern classification of Amniotes (vertebrates having an […]