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I was raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and met my wife in the nearby city of Reading. We lived in Pennsylvania for most of our lives. Our children were born at Lemoore Naval Air Base in California, where I was stationed during the Vietnam War. I cruised the Tonkin Gulf on the USS Midway in 1971, and hit several ports of call in Asia.

While working to support my family, I studied and graduated from Penn State and also from Lehigh University.

I first programmed a computer in 1966, and worked in the computer business for my entire civilian career. My wife and I love to travel, and my career extended my reach globally. I’ve been to 44 of the 50 states, and 35 countries on five continents, visiting breweries and brewpubs along the way. Science, world issues, writing and beer have been my passions.

My wife, Diane, and I now live in The Villages, Florida. My children, grandchildren and great grandchildren live in Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

After a long career in technology, I have retired. Noble Phoenix is my first novel, and I am writing my second.


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  1. Writing is your forte. I’ve read your book and it’s amazing. So much research and intrigue. Can’t wait to see it in print.


  2. Interesting, Mark. My husband’s family hail from the Allentown area and his father graduated from Lehigh years ago. Keep writing.


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